Who We Are

We are OneAdvent. Our dedicated and experienced team is committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients on a daily basis.

Alexis Fehler
A&H Class Underwriter
Andy Coleman
D&O Class Underwriter
David Hill
Don Berisha
Finnace Assistant
Ed Payne
Broker Technician
Elizabeth Fisher
Head of Operations
Fiona Meah
Operations Manager
Ian Jones
Head of Finance
James Peters
IBA Accounts Technician
Jen Gower
Senior Account Executive
Kat Donaghue
Management Accountant
Olivia Burns
Compliance and Operations Assistant
Richard Palmer
Head of Compliance and Risk
Roberto Murru
Head of Financial Lines
Sophie Farrow
Head of Marketing and People
Tim Quayle
Find us
U.K.  /  4th Floor, 107 Fenchurch St, London, EC3M 5JF
Germany  /  Hohe Bleichen 8, 20354, Hamburg

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