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We empower MGAs from inception to exit. As your business evolves and grows, we provide the services and support you need to accelerate your development and enable you to focus on the areas that create value.

What sets us apart is our flexibility, pragmatism and adaptability, which allows us to deliver the forward-thinking solutions you need. We work collaboratively with you, harnessing our experience of building successful MGAs to guide you through every twist and turn, ensuring compliance, without compromising on your innovative vision.

We want to raise the standard. We are passionate about your MGA business and want you to believe you can achieve more, expect more and deserve more. Excellent customer service is at the heart of what we do.

We are dedicated to finding the best outcomes for you by exploring the new and unknown, crafting client-centric solutions in a regulated world.

Getting to revenue quickly
Prove the model and reassure stakeholders by fast tracking your launch with our streamlined onboarding process.
Minimising execution risk
Plug into our robust and reliable operating model to navigate the complex insurance landscape with ease.
Improving efficiencies
Our flexible and experienced team are practical problem-solvers, who will work with you to understand and tackle the challenges facing your MGA business.
What Our Clients Say

From the outset we needed a global presence to support our international clients. OneAdvent got us set up quickly and efficiently in the UK and Europe and we were able to leverage their back-office capabilities, whilst we built out our core team. OneAdvent’s deep understanding of the MGA ecosystem, and the complex (re)insurance structures behind them, made them a great partner for our business.

Andrew Matson, CEO ,
Augment Risk

With a successful business in the US, we needed a trusted partner to support our launch into the UK market. On the regulatory side, in particular, we had to work with someone who knew the space inside out and could support our local team of cyber insurance experts. Starting from our first conversations, it felt like the OneAdvent team understood what we were trying to do as a small business, where we were trying to go and the kind of customer base we were going after. The idea of a long-term partnership was really important to us, as we considered our international expansion beyond the UK.

Matt Jones, Chief Strategy Officer ,

OneAdvent provided us with the platform we needed to scale our MGA and achieve our ambitions, as shown by the recent sale of our business. They were a flexible, hands-on partner who supported us on every stage of that journey.

Scott Banks, Director ,
Modus Underwriting

Launching a business in the insurance world is not straightforward. Tim and the team have truly wrapped their arms around us, helping Vento navigate the complex web of compliance and beyond. They have done this in a professional, yet pragmatic and flexible way!

Freddie Sparrow, Co-Founder ,

OneAdvent’s understanding of early-stage businesses and its problem-solving capabilities have been key as we readied ourselves for launch. Our proposition centres around best-in-class customer service and fast turnaround times, which is reflected in the OneAdvent ethos and makes them the perfect partner for us.

Stuart Kinsella, Underwriting Director ,
Criterion Underwriting

The expert business support from OneAdvent has provided us with the secure regulatory framework we need to establish ourselves as a mature, leading specialist in the market.

Alan Lambert, Director ,
Verve Risk Services

OneAdvent has the necessary expertise and a deep understanding of the increasingly complex post-Brexit regulatory environment and they will play a vital role in reducing our execution risk and enabling our speed-to-market.

Joe Zuk, Operating Partner ,
Altamont Capital Partners

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