What We Do

Our proven MGA platform, backed by a robust operating model and an experienced team, will help you fulfil your ambitions.

We raise expectations.

With collaboration, teamwork, and dedication, we provide the assistance and services you need to succeed and to take your insurance business to the next level. We can help with:

  • Getting to revenue quickly
  • Minimising execution risk
  • Improving efficiencies
Getting to revenue quickly

As an established MGA platform, we know there’s no time to spare when it comes to getting your business off the ground and generating cash. That is why efficiency is key; moving quickly and communicating clearly to turn your ideas into reality.

Insurance is a people business. We work hard to create relationships between our team and yours, which means we get to know your business inside out and can react swiftly to any changes or challenges.

Accelerate speed-to-market
A tried-and-tested launch process to get you to revenue fast.
Make your cash go further
Make the most of our flexible and extensive support services so you can focus on revenue-generating tasks and optimise your cash flow.
Keep stakeholders and counterparties on side
We help build momentum quickly so you can capitalise on the opportunity and prove the model quickly.
Minimising execution risk

We understand the intricacies of early-stage businesses and know you need a responsive partner who can move quickly with you as you pivot and navigate through your journey from inception to exit. We can help you accelerate your success as you work through the lifecycle of your MGA business.

We know every team has different requirements and we are on hand to raise the standard by delivering personal and collaborative support that is flexible, pragmatic and adaptable.

Execute with ease
Our robust and reliable operating model enables you to grow quickly.
Build credibility early
Our knowledgeable team can help you navigate the nuances of the London market and work through potential opportunities.
Shorten the learning curve
Engage with an experienced platform who is well-versed in launching and growing MGAs.
Improving efficiencies

We have valuable experience of the markets you trade in and understand the on-the-ground support you need. We provide practical problem-solving to understand and tackle the challenges facing your MGA business, helping to streamline your operations and increase your profitability.

Our platform is built to support your growth and enable you to seize opportunities as they arise. We don’t just understand the market, we also truly understand you as our client.

Plug the knowledge gaps
Leverage our in-house expertise so you can focus on building distribution networks and growing the business.
Spend your limited resources on driving growth
Don’t spread yourself too thin, leverage our flexible shared services model so you can focus on the areas that will create value.
Be the fast-moving, quick-thinking venture you told stakeholders you would be
Work with us to implement fast, efficient processes and uncover new opportunities for success.
See who we have helped

Altamont Capital Partners

OneAdvent has the necessary expertise and a deep understanding of the increasingly complex post-Brexit regulatory environment and they will play a vital role in reducing our execution risk and enabling our speed-to-market.

Joe Zuk, Operating Partner


Launching a business in the insurance world is not straightforward. Tim and the team have truly wrapped their arms around us, helping Vento navigate the complex web of compliance and beyond. They have done this in a professional, yet pragmatic and flexible way.

Freddie Sparrow, Co-Founder

Modus Underwriting

OneAdvent provided us with the platform we needed to scale our MGA and achieve our ambitions, as shown by the recent sale of our business. They were a flexible, hands-on partner who supported us on every stage of that journey.

Scott Banks, Director

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