Weekly News RoundUP – 21st June

This week we deep dive into what the hybrid fronting model can mean for MGAs, what opportunities there are for insurers to contribute to the climate transition (especially in relation to carbon credits) and how MGAs can use generative AI to be faster and more efficient.

What are the advantages of the hybrid fronting model – and where does it go next? (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
Find out how MGAs can benefit from this model and what it could mean on a risk participation front further down the road.

Xceedance’s Parcelli: Gen AI crucial for MGA efficiency (Source: The Insurer TV)
This 5-minute video highlights the importance of tech in the MGA sector and why Michael Parcelli, SVP and client partner at Xceedance believes gen AI will be critical to enabling “consistency and continuity in delivery”.

How MGAs can succeed in a volatile world (Source: Insurance DataLab)
In an upcoming webinar Mike Keating, CEO of MGAA and Tim Smyth, CEO of Bspoke Group will discuss the MGA landscape and how MGAs can make the most of their potential. They will also explore Insurance DataLab’s new MGA Performance Report.

6 Questions with CFC’s George Beattie on Insuring the Carbon Credit Market (Source: Risk & Insurance)
Using carbon credits to off-set their carbon footprint can help organisations meet their ESG goals, but “can also expose them to the loss”. How can the industry tackle this problem?

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