Weekly News Update – 7th June

The FCA’s anti-greenwashing regulation aims to increase the transparency of sustainable financial products but firms should be wary of what needs to be done to ensure compliance, warns KPMG. Tokio Marine Kiln says that the NHS cyber attack, which caused operation cancellations and delays in blood transfusions, is just more evidence that ransomware attacks “are once again on the rise”. Airmic’s annual conference took place this week and you can read all about the issues keeping risk professionals up at night.

Anti-greenwashing rule now in effect – should firms brace for impact? (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
The FCA’s rule came into force on 31 May and firms need to be able to “substantiate sustainability-related claims in all their communications relating to financial services and products in the UK”.

NHS cyber attack underscores ongoing ransomware threat to healthcare sector (Source: Reinsurance News)
Paul Gooch, Head of Large Account Cyber at Tokio Marine Kiln, “has advised companies to adopt the mindset ‘not if, but when’ in their approach to cybersecurity”.

Airmic 2024: Asking the big questions (Source: Strategic Risk)
Want to know what megatrends in geopolitics are most concerning to risk professionals, or how many organisations have AI on the board agenda, or what the most difficult thing is in the implementation of a climate transition plan? Airmic have polled their members.

Interview: Insurance supercharged (Source: CIR Magazine)
Tony Tarquini, thought leader, advisor and mentor in insurance technology, shares his perspectives on “the role that insurtech, the IIoT and AI may play in improving operational outcomes, as well as brand issues, for the global insurance industry”.

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