Weekly News Update – 24th May

The London Market contributes nearly £50bn to the UK’s GDP, has created around 59,000 jobs as of last year and has maintained its overall share of the global (re)insurance market, according to new research from the LMG. There are more great stats in the report, which you can access here. With Rishi Sunak announcing a summer general election, what will the parties have to say about IPT? See how voice cloning is posing threats to businesses in the featured report from Kroll, a financial and risk advisory firm.

London Market contributes £50bn to UK economy (Source: CIR Magazine)
In new research from the LMG, key stats show that the London Market is responsible for c.2% of the UK’s GDP.  

General Election called – will IPT finally be addressed?  (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
April 2024’s IPT collections have risen 12% from last year. Experts stress “the need for government intervention”, particularly on health insurance products, as a way of alleviating pressure on the NHS.

Insurtech Global Outlook 2024 Webinar (Source: ITC Europe)
Learn what some of the top minds from Aflac, Tokio Marine and Zurich believe the future of the industry will look like, and how we can get there, with data from NTT Data’s new report.

Q1 2024 Cyber Threat Landscape Report: Insider Threat & Phishing Evolve Under AI Auspices (Source: Kroll)
Voice cloning of C-level executives is becoming more of a threat to businesses, although email compromise remains the most common type of cyber incident.

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