Weekly News Roundup – 18th August

It seems ‘generative’ and ‘AI’ are the words on everybody’s lips this summer (other than “where is the sun?!”) and so we’ve collated three en pointe resources to get you up-to-speed. In a new article from Insurance Post tackling the challenges of embedded insurance, OneAdvent’s MD Tim Quayle, share his thoughts on why transparency and product simplicity are key to making it work.

IN THE NEWS: Embedded insurance: blind to the risks? (Source: OneAdvent)
As excitement sweeps the insurance industry about the potential of embedded insurance, does tying up insurance with other products risk obscurity?

Matthew Grant: CEO, Instech, Generative AI – what’s really going on (Source: Instech)
The podcast explores reactions from insurers on integrating generative AI and highlights where we are on the hype cycle.

The rise of gen-ai in insurance: vital tools and considerations for insurers (Source: Intelligent Insurer)
This new webinar will address gen-AI challenges, examine new and creative solutions for cost cutting and improved customer experience, and look at its role in enhancing underwriting efficiency.

Why generative AI will change the frontline of insurance forever (Source: PropertyCasualty360)
The time is now to get ready for the widespread adoption of generative AI, using it to crunch conversational data, make frontline workers more efficient and streamline the claims experience.

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