Weekly News Roundup – 11th August

A climate change opinion piece this week explores the role data science has to play in minimising threats; “Data is king in this industry. If you can get the data right and you can articulate it, you can carry that message to the c-suite.” This is in the face of significant backlash to green policies that could impact Europe’s environmental agenda. In other news, Ukraine is attempting to provide safe passage for a number of commercial ships currently stuck in its ports but insurance concerns remain.

Putting science and data behind climate risk management (Source: StrategicRISK)
Facts not fiction will drive the climate change agenda.

‘Greenlash’ fuels fears for Europe’s environmental ambitions (Source: Reuters)
The cost-of-living crisis is having repercussions on the EU’s environmental objectives and politicians’ ability to pass green laws.

Ukraine announces ‘humanitarian corridor’ for ships stuck in Black Sea Ports (Source: Insurance Journal)
In attempt to release ships stuck in Ukrainian ports since the war outbreak, a ‘safe’ sea route has been proposed but the Russian military threat could derail efforts.

Simon Ritterband: Huge market appetite as ‘genie is out of the bottle’ with drones (Source: Insurance Times)
With the proliferation of drone usage in daily life and across numerous industries, there are opportunities to be had within Lloyd’s.


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