PODCAST: The Plumbing and Wiring for Successful Insurance Businesses

There are a number of challenges when launching a new insurance business; the navigation of the complex regulatory environment, the difficulties enabling speed to market, the struggle to find the right partners to work with…

In this new Instech podcast episode, OneAdvent’s MD Tim Quayle discusses these challenges with client Matt Jones, Chief Strategy Officer at Cowbell, a cyber insurance provider that uses advanced technology for its risk assessment and underwriting processes to overcome these hurdles and more.

About OneAdvent
Focused on getting innovative insurance businesses to market – and fast – OneAdvent provides a springboard for growth across the industry. Operating as an MGA platform, Lloyd’s broker and niche product distribution business, OneAdvent brings its sector expertise and technical know-how to bear for established industry players and entrepreneurial start-ups around the world.

About Instech
One of the largest global networks of people and companies driving innovation in insurance, risk management, data, analytics and startups. Live events, digital events, advisory, investment, marketing, content, lead generation and, of course, the Instech London podcast.

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