Weekly News Roundup – 21st July

The 9th edition of the Women’s World Cup kicked off with a bang this week, demonstrating the increased global attention on the female ‘beautiful game’. As Guy Bonwick, Head of International Accident & Health at AXIS, writes in his article “this transition to a more established form of the game […] has brought with its own complications, challenges and opportunities”. Importantly, this is where the insurance industry has a role to play. In other news, insurtech unicorn Vesttoo is facing a major fraud investigation due to alleged fake investor letters of credit amounting to around $4billion.

Insuring women’s football – protecting the game and its players (Source: YouTalk-insurance)
Explore how data and tech, including kit advancements, player tracking devices and analytics around club transfer and tournaments, are allowing insurers to create policies that are “fit for purpose”.

Fraud investigation at insurtech unicorn Vesttoo (Source: Global (Re)Insurance)
Israeli insurtech Vesttoo is under scrutiny as allegations reporting “billions of dollars” in fraudulent collateral have come to light.

InsurTech: a new book from the Insurance Institute of London (Source: The Insurance Institute of London)
A new publication from the Insurance Institute of London (and an accompanying webinar) aims to educate about the insurtech world  and highlights key regulatory queries plus an introduction to the core technologies.

Carriers prioritize customer experience in digital transformation (Source: Digital Insurance)
A recent report reveals nearly half of the carriers and brokers surveyed have named improving customer experience as the top goal of their digital transformation strategy. Digital payments are set to be a big investment focus  for both incumbents and insurtechs.

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