Weekly News Roundup – 19th May

Environmental campaigners have been celebrating the decision of some industry players to exit fossil fuel underwriting in the last year or so. However, the CEO of BMS (a global broker) has spoken out, commenting that he can’t support any market “that just turns their back on the energy and the mining sector”. Instead, he says the key is supporting clients in their ESG journey. If that’s peaked your interest, there’s more on climate change in our other articles in this week’s roundup.

Climate risk is more than a weather forecast (Source: Insurance Day)
Industry experts share their views on a variety of climate related topics and explore what role insurance can play in managing the risk.

Energy pricing, transition pushing back climate focus – Beazley (Source: Global Reinsurance)
Energy transition is the biggest environmental risk faced by businesses according to new research.

Heat insurance offers climate change lifeline for poor workers (Source: Reuters)
With temperatures rising globally, some businesses are severely impacted by the extreme heat. Parametric insurance enables a form of disaster assistance to vulnerable communities.

ESG: can insurance firms prompt change in the mining industry? (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
BMS says firms need to educate mining clients in the ESG process instead of just leaving them high and dry.


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