Weekly News Roundup – 12th May

It’s all happening up North this week! The crème de la crème of the insurance broking world were ‘networking’ at BIBA, where CEO Steve White announced his retirement and the organisation released their new ESG guide (see below). Another, dare I say, more important event is happening this weekend, with the singing talents of Europe showcasing their vocal cords at Eurovision and a stark warning goes out to over-enthusiastic fans to prevent unnecessary insurance claims…

BIBA publishes new guidance on ESG (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
A new guide covers the ins and outs of ESG including how to create and execute an effective and realistic strategy plan.

Corporate earthquake risk: the potential for building-specific risk transfer (Source: Instech)
Instech’s report with Safehub explores exactly how parametric earthquake insurance works and “how sensor technology can provide a building-specific trigger for parametric policies”.

Aviva reveals music related home insurance claims (Source: Aviva)
Insurance claims directly related to Eurovision parties, including a margarita spillage on a laptop, have caused Aviva to release some celebration guidelines…

How will ChatGPT change insurance? (Source: Insurtech Insights)
A webinar explores what insurers need to maximise the benefits.

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