Weekly News Roundup – 28th April

Innovation is the theme of this week’s newsletter with a webinar exploring what is needed to close cyber and climate change protection gaps and an article arguing why hundred year old insurance businesses can still be transformative. We also delve into how ChatGPT can be a ‘starting point’ for insurance activities but that human input is vital to sense check potential inaccuracies.  In a recent Travelers webinar, experts warned that the tool can ‘fake it’ when it doesn’t know an answer and that “unlike Google and other search engines, the ultimate source of the information that ChatGPT outputs is not provided”.

Eyes wide open: a ChatGPT users’ guide for insurance professionals (Source: Carrier Management)
An in-depth article which lays out the possibilities, but also drawbacks, of the AI tool.

Six reasons why the UK insurance industry must embrace further transformation this year (Source: Insurtech Insights)
More scrutiny of the digital asset space and the need to adapt underwriting portfolios to align with the global focus on climate change are just two critical areas the industry must address.

Insurers aren’t innovative? Think again (Source: Insurance Thought Leadership)
Matteo Carbone argues that there are success stories in which age old insurers “have applied and scaled insurtech solutions in their business”.

Webinar: Insurance, innovation, disruption: closing Europe’s cyber and climate protection gaps (Source: DIA)
Gaps remain in the cyber market, particularly related to SMEs who see themselves as small fry to hackers, and in the climate change space by addressing the individuality of each geographical market with a unique solution.


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