Weekly News Roundup – 17th February

The devastation caused by the recent earthquakes in Turkey will never be forgotten, namely for the heartbreaking loss of life. Despite current building regulations reflecting “the latest advancements in building technology” the insurance bill is set to hit more than $1 billion due to infrastructure damage.  This week our very own CEO, Tim Quayle, spoke to the InsTech team about the role of MGAs in the insurance world. He discussed what MGAs need to be doing to secure capacity and how they can scale up their business, and fast. There might also be a tiny mention about how we support them in doing this…

OneAdvent: launching scaleable MGAs (Source: InsTech)
In a recent interview OneAdvent’s CEO, Tim Quayle, shared his views on MGA-capacity provider relations and how MGAs should approach technology adoption.

Turkey earthquakes – industry insured losses estimated to exceed $1 billion (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
The catastrophic death toll and physical damage are just two of the tragic consequences of the earthquakes.

OTT Risk to partner with Apollo ibott to offer revenue protection insurance to marketplaces (Source: OTT Risk)
OTT Risk, one of our newest clients, talk through their collaboration with Apollo ibott.

Five steps for building your insurance business with greater diversity, equity and inclusion (Source: ABI)
74% of insurance CEOs interviewed by KPMG believe DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) progress has moved too slowly in the business world.

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