Weekly News Roundup – 2nd September

According to a recent survey underwriters only spend 30% of their time actually underwriting and also explains that new technology hasn’t made them any more efficient. However, an upcoming webinar (see below) dives down into what innovative underwriting will look like in the future and what tools can be leveraged to enable this.

Top claims challenges for MGAs/MGUs and how to overcome them (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
Gallagher Bassett discusses the three biggest claims challenges facing the MGA/MGU sector.

Flood protection a ‘welcome step’ (Source: BIBA)
The recent UK government announcement addressing flood risk in the building of new homes has been welcomed by BIBA.

Why underwriters don’t underwrite much (Source: Insurance Thought Leadership)
Recent underwriting surveys have revealed that the average underwriter spends 70% of their time on non-underwriting activities.

Enrich the art of underwriting as a ‘bionic underwriter’ (Source: Intelligent Insurer)
Experts discuss which technologies really can empower underwriters and enable innovation.

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