Weekly News Roundup – 23rd July

No particular theme this week, just a few interesting nuggets of info for you to get your teeth into. Get a view on the industry from a CEO of a specialist Lloyd’s insurance group, take a look at what role brokers should be playing to reduce reputational damage and understand why ESG is so important, given the impact of extreme weather on insurers this year.

Reputation Recovery (Source: Insurance Hound)
The recent FCA Business Interruption insurance test case has rocked the industry and brokers have a job to do to protect against reputational risk.

Leading Voices with John Fowle of Chaucer (Source: The Insurer TV)
Continuing its series of interviews with senior insurance figures, this week The Insurer TV find out from John Fowle what Chaucer is doing to address ESG, get his thoughts on the future of the market and discuss the company’s plans for growth.

New Lloyd’s syndicate gets in-principle approval (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
MCI, a medical liability MGA, plans to launch a syndicate in a box (SIAB) and start underwriting business from 1/1.

2021’s extreme weather leads to insurers’ biggest payout in 10 years (Source: The Guardian)
Heatwaves, floods and the ‘polar vortex’ have all contributed to costly insurance claims in the last 12 months.

True evolution in insurance? Not yet. (Source: Insurance Thought Leadership)
VC, Mark Watson, reveals why innovation requires duality and why true disruption in the industry hasn’t happened yet.

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