Weekly News Roundup – 28th May

It’s not been an easy year for anyone but Accenture’s latest research indicates that things are finally looking up for the European insurance industry, despite the challenges that cybercrime is inflicting. You can find further discussion on both of these topics in this week’s pick of articles. Meanwhile Lemonade, the US insurtech, has found itself in hot water after claiming it uses non-verbal cues to identify cases of claims fraud. Read on to find out how they responded to the criticism.

Insurance firm Lemonade backtracks on claims it uses A.I. to scan customer faces for hints of fraud (Source: Fortune)
The start-up’s questionable methods of settling claims have hit the headlines this week after some ill-advised Tweets went viral.

Does cyber insurance add to ransomware? (Source: Insurance Thought Leadership)
The recent ransomware attack on the US pipeline raised questions about whether cyber insurance was contributing to an increase in cyber crime. This article takes a deeper look at the true role of insurers in this space.

The European insurance growth forecast (Source: Accenture)
Despite a challenging year for the industry the future looks bright, as long as you listen to your customers and innovate accordingly.

Leadership lessons on growing a business (Source: Insider Engage)
Top tips from some of the industry heavyweights on how to navigate the potential challenges from fast paced growth.

How companies can avoid becoming “a hostage to fortune” (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
Boosting resilience is a choice, and often not the cheapest option, but in the long term can help companies lower their exposure to risk.

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