Weekly News Roundup – 12th March

As the insurance world continues to advance, the roles of both the people and the businesses within it are evolving. International Women’s Day, which was celebrated this week, highlighted how the industry is encouraging more female representation and reaping the benefits. Digitalisation is also impacting how different links in the distribution chain devise company strategy, develop relationships and interact with each other. Find out more below…

What the future underwriter will look like (Source: Insurtech Insights)
A new report from Deloitte reveals that underwriters will be technology trailblazers, data pioneers, dealmakers and more…

Progress requires not half but the whole (Source: Insurance Post)
There have been some really encouraging signs in recent years regarding gender equality in insurance but there is still some way to go. Following IWD this week, one of the female figureheads in the industry shares her views.

MGAs should be the lighthouses of digitalisation (Source: OneAdvent)
Why should MGAs even care about digitalisation? In a world where they are under increased pressure to add value to the distribution chain, adopting a digital-first mindset can help. NB: we are in fact the authors of this brilliant thought piece… would be great to hear what you think!

The 7 roles in the insurance industry and how they are changing(Source: Insurance Innovation Reporter)
Are the incumbents ready to adjust to the changing landscape?

What role do insurance brokers play in the cyber space? (Source: Insurance Business Magazine)
The cyber market has grown substantially but is still young. Brokers need to clearly understand their role and the requirements of their clients.

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