PRESS RELEASE: OneAdvent joint venture to take on the reinsurance market

New MGA Aurous Risk Partners is setting out to revolutionise the way reinsurance transactions are captured, delivered and processed. Established in 2018 by Carl Beardmore, former head of BMS Group, this joint venture with OneAdvent aims to bring greater transparency and efficiency to the international specialty reinsurance market.

With underwriting set to commence later this year, Aurous Risk Partners will initially work across the energy, aviation, property, and political violence and terrorism sectors. The MGA’s unique distribution model will make it easier, faster and less costly to access and underwrite attractive business, and OneAdvent’s bespoke MGA platform will be key to the company’s success.

Aurous Risk Partners joins a number of pioneering MGAs operating on the OneAdvent platform. Acting as an ‘innovation hub’, OneAdvent provides financial stability, operational strength and industry expertise to both well-established and brand-new insurance businesses.

“We believe that the vision, experience and relationships of the team at Aurous, aligned with the support of OneAdvent, creates a compelling proposition”, commented Carl Beardmore, CEO of Aurous Risk Partners.

David Hill, OneAdvent’s Managing Director, added: “We are excited about the launch of Aurous. The sector needs to challenge the way in which premium is acquired and transacted to ensure adequate returns can be made from prevailing premiums, while at the same time enhancing client service.”

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