PRESS RELEASE: OneAdvent supports pioneering insurtech Skyline Partners

With funding from MGA hub OneAdvent, London-based insurtech Skyline Partners is set to launch its inaugural weather insurance in the Indian market later this year. Aiming to bring affordable protection to the underinsured around the world, Skyline Partners is one of a new generation of insurance providers harnessing technology to drive growth in the emerging markets.

Established in 2017, Skyline Partners is committed to providing commercially viable financial protection to the world’s underserved markets. Using distributed ledgers, real-time analytics and the cloud, the company is developing data-driven products that will close the protection gap – and with losses from natural disasters one of the most uninsured around the world, they’re starting with the weather.

Skyline Partner’s parametric insurance solution will provide an affordable and reliable way for India’s agricultural businesses to remain sustainable in the face of natural hazards and adverse weather conditions. The pilot will launch later this year and, if successful, Skyline Partners aims to scale up and out across sectors and markets.

Spotting the potential of this pioneering start up, OneAdvent was an initial funder of Skyline Partners, and will now support the development and distribution of its first product. Beyond its financial investment, OneAdvent helped Skyline Partners navigate the necessary regulatory approvals and achieve its AR status, and will continue to work alongside this fledgling company to drive future growth.

David Hill, OneAdvent’s CEO, said: “Skyline Partners’ unique technological offering is unprecedented in this space, and will undoubtedly be a game changer in an industry that is at a crossroads. We are excited that both our investment and platform will provide them with the tools they need to break into the market.”

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