In Malta

Advent Insurance PCC ("Advent PCC") operates as a Protected Cell Company. The company, which is domiciled in Malta, is capitalised in accordance with EU statutory requirements and is fully Solvency II compliant. 

Advent PCC is authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority and is licensed to transact all classes of general insurance. The company can write business throughout the EU/EEA.

This division of the Advent Insurance Group has the ability to create innovative underwriting solutions for businesses, corporations and insurance entrepreneurs.  Through the Malta PCC we offer protected cell facilities for:

  • corporations seeking to self-insure;
  • businesses to underwrite customer insurance portfolios
  • cost-effective fronting of multi-national corporations’ EU property and casualty risk programmes

In addition, we have the underwriting capacity for liabilities in run-off legacy portfolios. 

Our insurance activities have enabled us to build strong relationships with reinsurance companies.

Advent PCC Service Offerings embrace:

  • Protected cell self-insurance and customer-insurance facilities.
  • Fronting for EU risk programmes.
  • Underwriting capacity for specific blocks of business – specialist lines, schemes, affinity programmes, run-off portfolios etc.
  • Provision of capital to support self-insurance and other innovative propositions.

Our Maltese Management Team

Our very experienced team has the knowledge, technical skills and expertise to manage all aspects of our clients’ insurance requirements.

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