Starting a new business?
Are you able to tick all of the following boxes?

  • Researched and prepared a detailed Business Plan for the next 3 years?
  • Obtained suitable regulatory permissions for you and your distribution chain
  • Chosen a platform to administer sales (policy fulfilment, premium distribution etc.)?
  • Explored different cost (minimisation) strategies
  • Established who will do the work – yourself, another entity or a combination – at least initially?
  • Arranged external support to discuss strategic and day-to-day challenges with?

Advent can assist with all of these issues and support your business with the following services:

Advisory – our senior management team has over 100 years experience to draw from. Having set up and built our own business we are very familiar with the challenges involved. Our management team has experience of underwriting insurance and distributing insurance policies.

Adjust – our claims management system is a fully web-based system that can handle multiple policy types, accept claims notifications via different mediums (telephone, Internet, mobile app etc.) and has fully integrated workflow with an MI suite producing analysis in real time.

Advantage – our policy management system – PolicyBox – has been developed by us (users not a software house) and handles the whole transaction – from quote and buy, policy fulfilment, MTA’s, reporting and reconciling cash with MI to suit your requirements.

Administrator – a fully outsourced turnkey service or a service that fulfils various aspects of the insurance transaction using our own IT system. Other tools at your disposal include BACS Processing Bureau, Consumer Credit Licence, Merchant Account facilities, claims management, conduct support and training.

To find out how Advent has helped other entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses and what we could do for you please contact:

Sales Director
+44 (0)7932 534 475